Ryan Murphy Taking 'The Prom' From Broadway To Netflix

4th Annual Elsie Fest, Broadway's Outdoor Music Festival

One of Broadway’s newest and acclaimed shows is heading to Netflix thanks to Ryan Murphy! Following a charity performance of The Prom at New York’s Longacre Theater, Murphy announced on Tuesday that he would be adapting the show into a movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Murphy, a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ community, and creator of various project with focus on that community like Glee, The Normal Heart, and Pose, was so moved by the production that he has made it his first project with Netflix following the deal he signed with the company. What he loved the most about this project is that they cast two lesbians as heroines, the report says, in a story that tells us that “LGBTQ right are human rights.”

The Prom follows the story of a teenage girl from Indiana who wants to bring her girlfriend to the dance only to be banned from attending. A band of Broadway “eccentrics” gets together to help them fight the injustice. Murphy as already confirmed that he will be bringing over the creative team from the stage with him to help with the Netflix adaptation. As far as casting goes, we’re not sure if the Broadway players will get a shot onscreen or remain on the stage.

The Prom should be hitting Netflix for a September 2020 debut.

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