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Broadway's "Aladdin" & "Genie" Chat About Aladdin's Longevity

Broadway's newest "Aladdin" and "Genie," Ainsley Melham and Michael James Scott, from Disney's Aladdin on Broadway stopped by the Lite FM studio to chat with Bob and Christine about being real life friends, Aladdin's longevity, and making their role their own.

Melham and Scott did the show in Australia together and both made their Broadway debuts at the same time! Scott said, "We said it one time oh my gosh, wouldn't it be so cool to do this together on Broadway? Just being ridiculous and we put it out there and it happened! The timing of it all was really unbelievably beautiful." Aladdin and Genie are friends on and off stage!

Later, the duo talked about how they personalize their iconic roles and why the show has found success on Broadway over the last five years. Watch the full interview above and get tickets to see the production here!