Alex Brightman Chats 'Beetlejuice' Audiences And Taking The Film To Stage

Alex Brightman, "Beetlejuice" in the brand new Broadway production of Beetlejuice The Musical The Musical The Musical, stopped by Lite FM to talk about taking the beloved classic film to the stage and the audiences who have come to the first couple of previews of the production.

"We've had insane audiences, Producer Jamie was just one of a ton of amazingly excited people. I mean they are truly a diverse, nuts group of people that have come to see this show. They are dressing up, the show is also the first Broadway show for a lot of people. People that wouldn't necessarily jump to Broadway (are coming). Goth people, punks, its been an amazing different type of crowd. They explode! It's something we are thrilled about it. We like the show so we are happy other people do too!"

Later, Brightman chats similarities and differences between the classic film starring Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Winona Ryder, and more, and the Broadway show. He reveals that the show will have satisfied the purists while making the narrative more current and relevant. Watch the full interview above and go see the show!