The Cast and Creatives of 'Tootsie' Meet The Press

Previews of the brand new musical Tootsie are well on their way and have been a complete success! Based off the1982 film, Tootsie the Musical reinvents the classic movie in a new modern way.

The star of the show, Santino Fontana (Michael Dorsey / Dorothy Michaels), describes what he believes fans of the film will take away from the musical, "I think anyone who knows the movie and comes to the show will feel like we've honored the film because we are definitely doing the things in the movie that you feel are what the movie is and we are breathing new life into them and updating them. It is incredibly theatrical anyway, it's about actors. It lends itself really well... If you like the movie you're gonna like this."

Lilli Cooper (Julie Nicols) talked about how Tootsie the Musical takes place in a Broadway show whereas the movies took place in a soap opera, "We have a show within a show. We get to see what goes in to creating a show. We don't really give the opportunity to the audience to see that a lot of times. They get a little glimpse into our real lives which I think is pretty exciting."

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Dorothy Michaels is the biggest sensation to hit Broadway in years. She’s talented, outspoken, and an inspiration to everyone around her. In fact, she’s too good to be true. Because squeezed into Dorothy’s sensible pumps is actually Michael Dorsey, an out-of-work actor willing to do anything for a job — even if it means playing way against type. Now, as audiences fall for Dorothy and Michael starts to fall for the woman of his dreams, he's learning that the hardest part of show business isn’t getting to the top... it’s keeping up the act.