The Cast and Creatives of 'Beetlejuice The Musical' Meet The Press

The countdown to Beetlejuice The Musical is ON! Previews of the production begin tomorrow, March 28th at the Winter Garden Theatre. The cast and creatives sat down to discuss similarities and differences between the movie and musical, working with one another, and the excitement to perform the show on a Broadway stage.

Rob McClure (Adam) described Eddie Perfect's (Music and Lyrics) score, "Beetlejuice is kind of like a raunchy genie from Aladdin in that he can turn on a dime. He's impossible to get ahead of and I think thats the same thing with the score. The score is following Beetlejuice so if Beetlejuice is the one driving the tone, you don't know where you're gonna go. I think that's what is so fun is stylistically, one moment we are in Calypso land and the next minute we are in hard rock and then the next minute we feel like we are in traditional musical theater."

Watch the full interviews above because it's almost showtime! Break a leg! "Beetlejuice is the musical comedy Broadway needs right now. The cast is stacked with Broadway firepower!" -iHeartRadio.

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