The Cast Of Broadway's 'Oklahoma!' Meets The Press

The full cast of Oklahoma! met the press on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

The cast revealed how the show has changed from the Oklahoma! you know and love, what audience members can expect from this production, and how the design has impacted the show.

Damon Daunno who stars as "Curly McLain" described how the show has stayed relevant through the years, "It has resonated so much with audiences because of its timelessness. It's a tale of humanity and what it takes to create a community and how things like othering, bullying, racism, and socio-economic oppression are unfortunately truths throughout time."

"I think for people who really love 'Oklahoma,' you're going to come and hear this amazing music in a new way. In a way that reveals itself to you all over again like the first time you ever heard it" said Will Brill who plays "Ali Hakim."

Rebecca Naomi Jones who plays "Laurey" Williams described the show as "sexy, raw, and honest."

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