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Jake Gyllenhaal Stopped 'Sea Wall/A Life' Monologue To Help Audience Member

Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that he stopped his monologue in Sea Wall/ To Life to give a coughing fan water.

Jake Gyllenhaal is currently starring in The Public Theater's Sea Wall/ To Life and he described his experiences to Fallon during live theater. Lots of things happen during live theater such as cell phones going off, or people singing, however, Gyllenhaal said "The other day a woman was coughing really loudly and I felt so bad for her in the middle of the piece. So I just asked her if she was okay in the middle of the monologue... so I just ran off stage and got her water and gave it to her." What a sweet guy!

Watch the full clip from the interview above!