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Colin Quinn Explains Why Comedy Can't Heal During This Political Climate

Comedian Colin Quinn interviewed with Inside Broadway with Michael Ridel and Christine Nagy about his latest Off-Broadway show 'Colin Quinn: Red Stage Blue State.'

In the political climate we're in some people think that the "comedy just writes itself," but writing actual political comedy is pretty difficult. "Moderate is the new radical as everyone knows,' Says Quinn. Most people, as Quinn says are in the middle but those aren't the voices you are hearing from right now.

Our country right now is pretty divided and there's a lot of hostility but does comedy help us through that? Quinn replies saying, "Comedy is hostile by it's nature so it's hard to bridge that," can comedy heal we question? "So far no," explains Quinn, "t historically has not healed anything. It's one of those ideas that sound good."

"Comedy is not about being nice. It's the ugly side, the side of humanity where we are all egotistical.. it's hard to make that both," says Quinn.

When it comes to the political side with the least sense of humor the answer used to be much different than what it is today. "I would always say the right has less of a sense of humor," says Quinn however he continued to say "In the last twenty years it's a toss up."

Quinn's show 'Colin Quinn: Red Stage Blue State,' is a new comedy written by and starring Colin Quinn. The show has recently extended it's run at The Minetta Lane Theatre due to OVERWHELMING ticket sales. There is a new block of tickets now on sale through Saturday March 16th.

As we ask all of our guests, Colin Quinn answered which 4 or 5 Broadway songs have been most meaningful to him. Quinn answered:

Tonight - West Side Story

Day by Day - Godspell

At The Ballet - A Chorus Line

Maybe This Time - Cabaret

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever - On A Clear Day You Can See Forever