Real Review: King Kong On Broadway

Let me start of by saying that I was truly blown away by one thing, and that was KONG himself! He's like nothing you've ever seen on a Broadway stage.

King Kong on Broadway is a must see, even if it's just so that you can experience the magic that has been created with a tremendous and impressive Kong puppet manned by an ensemble of ten. That alone made my trip to The Broadway Theater well worth it. As an avid Kong fan since childhood and having read mixed reviews on the musical, I walked in with a backpack full of skepticism, but was quickly overcome with excitement as soon as saw Kong's silhouette projected on stage as we waited for the curtains for to go up.

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The musical written by Jack Thorney and starring Christiani Pitts , as the object of Kong's affection, pretty much kept to the original story and had an amazing set which surprisingly accommodated Kong quite nicely. While the choreography and performances left me a bit puzzled and underwhelmed at times, the scenes of Kong running through Skull Island and New York City more than made up for it.

I must note that you should push to get as close to the stage as possible since Kong does interact with the audience in an frightening yet magical way, but if you're too far back in orchestra you won't get that Gorilla love and at times won't be able to see his head.

One last thing, I was quite surprised when the audience was told that at the end of the performance we would be able to photograph and record Kong when he joined to cast for their goodbyes. So you will be able to flex on Instagram and Facebook with some cool video of Kong.

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