Ben Platt Debuts Music Video For "Bad Habit"

Ben Platt's vocals are out of this world!

The Dear Evan Hansen Tony Award-winner, Ben Platt, surprised his fans by dropping a music video for his first single "Bad Habit" off of his debut album Sing To Me Instead . The piano-driven ballad tells a story of love and loss.

“It’s sung from the perspective of someone looking retrospectively at a relationship that they have gotten out of and realizing that it’s someone they can’t seem to escape,” Platt told Entertainment Weekly . “There’s an attraction and comfort to someone that might not be the right person for us, but there’s an [undeniable] connection where you can’t help but go back again and again.”

Platt signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records and is set to release his first album on March 29. While waiting to hear more from the highly anticipated album, fans can listen to the newly released "Bad Habit" and "Ease My Mind."