"Be More Chill" Stars Talk Excitement For Broadway Debut

Producer Sam from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show chatted with cast members from Be More Chill George Salazar and Will Roland as well as Joe Iconis, the composer and lyricist of the production.

Be More Chill is headed to the Lyceum Theatre on Broadway beginning February 13, 2019! George Salazar expressed, "What I love about the show is that on the surface it seems a really happy good time fun musical. But then a day later, it hits you like a ton of bricks and it's been really fun to meet the young people who it speaks to." Isn't that the best kind of musical? One that makes you think for days following your experience? YES!

Will Roland formerly a member of the Dear Evan Hansen cast now starring in Be More Chill says "I get really zazzed about projects that are about real people... All of the characters are grounded in reality and they're just folks who are trying to figure it out and make it through their day alive." Anyone and everyone can relate to Be More Chill.

Check out their interviews below: