'Waitress" Stars Sara Bareilles And Gavin Creel Get BeanBoozled

Sara Bareilles and Gavin Creel of Broadway's Waitress stopped by the Mercedes-Benz Interview Lounge to talk about the 3 year anniversary of Waitress and play a game of BeanBoozled with Bob and Christine.

If you don't already know, Sara Bareilles wrote all of the music for Broadway's Waitress. This is her third time starring in the show as Jenna and Gavin Creel's first time playing Dr. Pomatter! Creel has quite the impressive Broadway resume. He even has a Tony Award for his performance as Cornelius Hackl in Hello, Dolly!

Sara Bareilles shared a funny story about the time she got schooled on pie-making by a famous baker. If you're a Waitress fan or have seen the show, you know Sugar, Butter, Flour are important words echoed throughout the production. However, those ingredients are not the main ingredients you use for pie... it's actually sugar, butter, and salt! Sara says - and we agree - that she can't change the song, flour fits so well!

Later, Bareilles and Creel play BeanBoozled - trying jelly beans with unknown - and potentially gross - flavors. Watch the hilarious game in the video above! See Waitress on Broadway while Sara and Gavin are still in it until February 3 at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.