Michael Riedel Reflects On New York Arts & Culture

Michael Riedel sat down with MetroFocus to reflect and review the past year on Broadway and in the arts. During this politically turbulent year, Michael first looked back on when Vice President Mike Pence went to see Hamilton and the entire cast had a message for him. During curtain call, Brandon Victor Dixon, then playing Aaron Burr, read out on behalf of the whole cast, a very sharp note directed at the Vice President. Michael reflects "Pence had left the building, so he didn't hear it, but that was probably the classiest protest, I think. Because since then, as this country has become more and more polarized, you see a number of artists who are genuinely angry."

Later, Riedel touches on how Springsteen on Broadway features a political theme, but does it well. Riedel comments that the message the audience member takes away from that show is the most successful and the most subtle. Even as rich and successful as Bruce Springsteen is, he connects to working class people on the left and the right. 

Watch Michael Riedel's full year review in the video above.